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DZS Indoor GPON ONT with T1/E1zhone znid 9500

zNID-GPON-9588, 9580, 9544, 9540


The zNID-GPON-95xx ONTs are designed for business applications.

These ONTs provide up to eight Voice ports and eight 10/100/1000bT LAN ports, plus a ninth 10/100/1000bT LAN port for connecting an auxiliary device such as a Wi-Fi access point or video camera.

In addition to the voice and data services, the 95xx ONTs provide up to 8 T1/E1 ports. The T1/E1 data is transported over the packet network using Pseudowire Emulation Edge to Edge (PWE3) technology. The PWE3 technology allows voice, Ethernet and the TDM traffic to be transported over the GPON link. These ONTs support multiple TDM clock recovery methods (Adaptive, Synchronous, Differential) to provide accurate clock recovery in a variety of network configurations. The unit also supports IEEE 1588v2 timing recovery.

Each Voice port, LAN port, and T1/E1 port is individually controlled, and can be assigned to a specific customer. A customer can have as many Voice, LAN, or T1/E1 connections as needed. Unique VLANs are configured per customer to ensure full isolation of each customer's traffic.

All 9000 series ONTs provide the same voice features found on the 4200 series of Single Family Unit (SFU) ONTs. SIP-PLAR signaling is supported for connection via DZS's Voice Gateway to traditional Class 5 TDM switches, while both MGCP and SIP are supported for direct connection to a VoIP Softswitch. This flexibility allows DZS's 4200 and 9000 Series ONTs to work in nearly all Telco networks, with interoperability support for a broad array of Softswitches.

All LAN ports are capable of suppling Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3at compliant) making this also an ideal product for applications such as video surveillance.


All 9000 series ONTs are designed for indoor use. The weather proof enclosure can be installed in two stages for carriers that want to terminate the fiber before installing the active components.

The standard Cable Entrance Box provides a single 1.5" diameter Conduit opening, so that the power, voice, LAN, and T1/E1 cables can be routed from the zNID-9000 series product into the building in a secure fashion. An optional Large Cable Entrance Box is available that provides 4 separate conduit opening and extra room for cable slack storage for installations that require secure routing of the power, voice, LAN and T1/E1 cables in separate conduits.


All 9000 series ONTs share a common SW architecture with the 4200 series of zNIDs. It has the same intuitive Web interface and command line interface that is found on the 4200 series of zNIDs. The zNID is also managed by the DZS Management System (ZMS), using SNMP. Software upgrades and configuration backups can be handled automatically by the ZMS using the CPE Manager feature.


The 95xx ONTs desinged for business applications, with multiple voice, LAN and T1/E1 connections. Each business customer can have as many Voice, LAN, or T1/E1 connections as needed. Although the zNID-9588 is ideal for business applications, it also can be used in many other applications.

The unit's Power over Ethernet ports could be used to power up to nine IP cameras, providing an excellent solution for video surveillance. With the GPON fiber uplink, there is plenty of bandwidth available for the video data.


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