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DZS Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

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Ideal fiber solution for
Electric Utility COOPs, CLECs, ISPs and more


  • Superior Management: Web based GUI management with full support for industry standard OMCI
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40C to 65C -- no issues in cold or warm climates
  • Reliability: All critical components have redundant features for maximum uptime and reliability

  • GPON

    • High Density: Up to 64 subscribers per port / 8 ports per card / 9216 subscribers per chassis -- largest number of subscribers per chassis in the industry
    • High Bandwidth: 2.5Gbps down / 1.25Gbps up
    • Long Range: up to 20Km per port

    Active Ethernet

    • High Density: Up 20 subscribers per card / 360 subscribers per chassis
    • High Bandwidth: 1Gbps / subscriber
    • Long Range: up to 80Km per port


The DZS MXK based Fiber-to-the-home / Fiber-to-the-Premises solutions provides a full end to end solution, including everything required for a turnkey FTTx solution. The MXK chassis supports both Active Ethernet and GPON for voice, video & data applications.

DZS partners with integration service providers to offer content, billing and customer management integration options to address all facets of deploying a FTTx solution.


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DZS has long been a pioneer in the industry with its broadband and multi-service access solution offerings. DZS is at the forefront of technology innovation today, with large-scale global deployments of its high-capacity FTTx multi-service systems including the MXK, MALC and zNID ONTs which are designed to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for the operator’s bandwidth requirements.

With the rapidly increasing levels of personalization and interactivity in communication and entertainment today, the need for fiber networks has become imperative to meet the exponentially growing bandwidth requirements. GPON has today become the preferred fiber access technology due to its technical and performance advantages and its overall total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits over other technologies. In addition, GPON provides a smooth and cost-effective migration to next-generation 10G technology which is poised to drastically improve the user experience. Active Ethernet, providing 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps point-to-point connectivity, is another high-bandwidth access technology alternative that is rapidly improving the user experience today.

Customers are looking for solutions to solve their bandwidth and access network needs today with a view to the future. DZS's MXK is the industry's 1st Terabit Access Concentrator, providing the industry’s leading density, throughput and switching capacity. The MXK is a fully redundant, carrier-grade all IP platform enabling Multi-Service Terabit access solutions from the Edge to the Core of the service provider’s network, with seamless and integrated support for multiple technologies including GPON, Active Ethernet, VDSL2, ADSL2+, EFM, PWE and POTS today. The MXK, which has been designed for high scalability, flexibility and superior performance has the added benefit of being the solution for the future.

Customers deploying the MXK today can meet today’s bandwidth needs and provide investment protection for the future. Built on 480 Gbps pure IP core switching and 4.6 Terabit total system switching capacity, the MXK allows for high bandwidth capable GPON and Active Ethernet services to be provisioned on the same system. Ultrahigh bandwidth with standards-based 10G GPON will be enabled on the same MXK system. Our customers deploying MXK today are investing in a future-proof system with the added advantage of an industry-leading end-to-end offering of the MXK MSAN and OLT, a portfolio of zNID ONTs and ZMS management system, all designed for the high performance requirements of our 750 and fast-growing global service provider customer base.


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