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DZS Ethernet Over Copper and EFM

DZS Delivers Seamless LAN-to-WAN Ethernet Convergence


Market studies show that more than 86% of businesses today are still served by copper. As services and networks move to all-IP, there is growing demand for end-to-end connectivity from LAN to WAN for business services.

With the cost to lease a UNE-P being a fraction that of a UNE-L T1, many CLECs, local municipalities and utilities are discovering the benefits of Ethernet over Copper and Loop Bonding. By using an easy-to-install Ethernet Access Device (EAD) coupled with cost-effective Ethernet Aggregation, a UNE-P can be transformed into a 5.7 Mbps Ethernet connection, with multi-pair loop bonding increasing bandwidth to over 45 Mbps.

Another benefit of Ethernet over Copper is its simplicity and ease of deployment, not to mention less costly equipment requirements. It delivers IP services or Ethernet over TDM using native Ethernet rather than the more complex means using MPLS tunnels or MLPPP. Ethernet over copper delivers Transparent LAN Services (TLS) and can be installed quickly, turned up easily, and delivers bandwidth and quality equivalent to fiber.

Ethernet over Copper is used in carrier networks for business services ranging from T1/E1 to SHDSL and DS3 rates. It has strong popularity for cellular backhaul from remote cell sites to central switching centers. And it is often used by local and municipal agencies for such applications as traffic monitoring, and security or surveillance. Likewise, utilities find it ideal for connecting stations and monitoring sites along a right-of-way.

Solution: MALC-EFM , Raptor XP-170, EtherXtend, EtherXtend LT and Network Extenders

In 2006, the industry adopted new 802.3ah EFM standards. Prior to the standard, there was several interim standard means of performing Ethernet over Copper Loop Bonding. DZS has been a pioneer and leader in this area, supplying the world Ethernet over Copper technologies for more than 8 years with proven, reliable products

The MALC-EFM is a modular Ethernet Aggregation platform based on DZS’s leading multi-service access architecture. MALC-EFM offers both T1/E1 and SHDSL.bis Ethernet line cards that can perform bonding of copper pairs. SHDSL.bis is another relatively new standard providing 5.7 Mbps. rather than older 2.3 Mbps. of bandwidth. DZS is among the first access vendors offering SHDSL.bis Ethernet aggregation.

The MALC-EFM SHDSL.bis line card is 802.3ah EFM compliant, but also incorporates the legacy Ethernet over Copper interface as well, making it both backwards and forwards compatible. The T1/E1 line card version is based on the original standard. DZS therefore supports is large existing customer base as well as new EFM-compliant deployments, offering a complete migration plan for service providers worldwide.

The DZS EFM solution family has just been joined by a new member, the Raptor XP-170, including 24 ports of standard EFM in a 1U form factor - an ideal entry point into EFM for lower-volume territories.



DZS offers a full range of Ethernet Access Devices (EAD’s) for a variety of applications and economics. EtherXtend is an advanced, intelligent EAD based on 802.3ah EFM standards, but also supporting the original standard as well. EtherXtend LT is offered in SHDSL.bis or DS3 versions, has fewer WAN and LAN ports as EtherXtend, and supports the original Ethernet over Copper standards. DZS also offers a time-tested and proven TNE (T1), ENE (E1), and SNE (SHDSL) line of Ethernet Network Extenders.

DZS is the only company today offering both Ethernet Aggregation in access and a full line of EAD devices. In keeping with DZS’s philosophy, it delivers a complete end-to-end solution rather than only parts of the solution, ensuring performance and interoperability are never and issue



  • Provides plug 'n' play operation with NO configuration requirements
  • When used with the IPD12000 DSLAM, enables a pure Ethernet architecture designed for zero-configuration deployment of T1, ADSL2+, and SHDSL
  • When used with the MALC BLC, enables a flexible multi-service architecture that supports TDM, POTS, VoIP, SHDSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, PON and Active Ethernet within a single platform
  • Supports selectable T1 data rates up to 1.5Mbps (symmetrical)
  • Connects directly to any Ethernet port on a PC or LAN
  • Integrated CSU/DSU saves time, money, and rack space
  • Excellent for front-ending IP Router 10 Mbps Ethernet ports



DZS Value Proposition and Benefits

MALC-EFM aggregation, the Raptor XP-170, and EADs provide a cost-effective solution for delivering Ethernet business services as an alternative to traditional TDM or MPLS type services. DZS’s proven Ethernet Over Copper loop bonding technologies can deliver fiber-like bandwidth and quality over existing copper. Pre-configured, easily installed EADs saves time and money for a service provider and its business customer alike. Creating services based on seamless LAN to WAN IP connectivity with native Ethernet creates new service and revenue opportunities such as Transparent LAN Service (TLS).


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