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Product Source International Datacomm

Product Source International Datacomm (PSI) has been in business since 1985, and has a broad range of experience in networking and telecom technologies.

PSI is a DASAN Zhone Solutions Elite Partner providing IMACS equipment to utilities, power companies, local and federal governments, and large communications users.



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The Zhone IMACS supports many mission critical applications, including SCADA, public safety (ie: 911 networks), SS7 network, power companies, and navy aircraft carriers, to name a few.

The IMACS product line, first introduced in 1992, has shipped over 150,000 units. It has been used in every sector, including utilities, armed forces, and local & federal government.

Zhone Datasheets, Manuals and Reference Guides:
IMACS Datasheets, Manuals and Reference Guides
IMACS-8000 Datasheet
IMACS-8000/3000 Datasheet






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Zhone’s Fiber-to-the-Home products provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for the operator’s bandwidth requirements.

With large-scale global deployments of its high-capacity FTTx multi-service systems including the MXK, MALC and zNID ONTs, Zhone is at the forefront of technology innovation today.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)
Zhone zNID ONT Portfolio for FTTx Applications






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The ZNID-9500, part of Zhone’s 95xx series of ONT’s, support both Active Ethernet and GPON uplinks.

The 95xx series is designed for business applications, with multiple voice, LAN and T1/E1 connections. Customer can have as many Voice, LAN, or T1/E1 connections as needed.






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The EtherXtend provides solutions for point-to-point applications requiring Ethernet connectivity over copper (either SHDSL, T1 or E1). It allows multiple circuits to be bonded together for higher-capacity Ethernet WAN connections.









DZS provides a full line of powerful Layer 2 and Layer 3 business class Ethernet Switching solutions. Our portfolio of switches provides premium features and functionality at an affordable price. Our products are easy to deploy and reliable while providing high-bandwidth switching, filtering, and traffic management without delaying data.






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