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Zhone Malc (Multi-Access Line Concentrator)zhone malc

Copper and Fiber Access plus Transport Platform
Delivering Optimized Voice, Video and Data


The first family of access concentrators to extend the multi-service network across the last mile, combining traditional voice, voice-over-packet and broadband data in a true carrier-class access platform.

Solving The Last Mile

  • Deliver POTS, Specials, Voice-over-Packet, Broadband Data and Video
  • Highest Density / Lowest Price per Port
  • Environmentally Hardened, Complete Family of Cabinet Options
  • Full Range of Line Interfaces: POTS, Specials, ADSL, SHDSL, PON
  • Uplink Flexibility: ATM or IP, GR-303/ V5.2 or Packet, Copper or Fiber
  • Video-Optimized, High-Speed Architecture
  • OSMINE-Certified OSS Integration


Packet Loop Concentration

The MALC establishes a new model for access networks, integrating traditional loop concentration with multi-service, packet-based transport and management. By moving this integration out into the local loop, close to subscribers, this new model lowers costs for existing TDM services, extends the range of broadband services, eliminates overlay networks, and greatly simplifies network design and service management.

Traditional TDM services include POTS and a full range of Specials, delivered via a Universal Line Card or an integrated companion Universal Line Shelf for higher capacity deployments. FlexBand™, a remarkable new technology available on the MALC, allows carriers to remotely provision DSL and/or POTS services from any port without requiring a physical cutover. Eliminating the truck-roll results in substantial operational savings to the carrier and dramatically reduces provisioning intervals from days to as little as minutes.

MALC offers unprecedented uplink flexibility, providing compatibility with existing networks and future-proof capabilities for tomorrow's networks: copper or fiber interfaces; software-selectable ATM or IP transport; and TDM (GR-303/ V5.2) or packet protocol support. The available integrated IP Termination greatly reduces trunking provisioning requirements and eliminates the need for separate, costly subscriber management systems.

The concentration of multiple services in the local loop performed by the MALC is a key element in the Zhone Single Line Multi-Service (SLMS) network architecture, which establishes a comprehensive technology, services, and management platform for access networks.




  • Universal Access for Triple Play
  • IP Video / RF Video Overlay
  • VOIP: SIP / MGCP / H.248
  • TDM/ATM to Packet Migration
  • POTS to Pure Packet
  • ADSL2+ / EFM / PWE
  • Narrowband, Specials, T1 / E1
  • Integrated Voice Gateway: GR-303 / V5.2
  • Integrated Emergency Stand-Alone (ESA)
  • Integrated Access + Transport
  • Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
  • TDM, ATM, or IP / Gigabit-Ethernet
  • Proven Management System (ZMS)
  • Scalable Deployment Options
  • Environmentally Hardened

Dimensions (H x W x D)

MALC 319

  • 3U: 5.22 x 17.40 x 11.3 inches / 13.26 x 44.20 x 28.70 cm
  • Slots: 10; front card access

MALC 719

  • 7U: 12.22 x 17.25 x 11.15 inches / 31.04 x 43.81 x 28.32 cm
  • Slots: 17; front card access

MALC 723

  • 7U: 12.22 x 21.18 x 11.15 inches / 31.04 x 53.64 x 28.32 cm
  • Slots: 21; front card access


  • DC: -42 to -60 VDC
  • Dual (A / B redundant) power feeds


  • POTS
  • POTS Specials
  • ADSL (DMT / G.Lite) Annex A, B, C, M, S=1/2, 2+
  • Combo ADSL2+ w/ Integrated POTS
  • ADSL2+ w/ Integrated Splitters
  • ReachDSL
  • SHDSL (2w or 4w)
  • SHDSL EFM 802.3ah with Bonding
  • T1 / E1 ATM IMA
  • T1 / E1 (CES) (structured, unstructured)
  • T1 / E1 EFM Including Bonding
  • Pseudo-wire (SAToP and CESoP)

Voice Support

  • VoIP: MGCP (RFC 3435), SIP (RFC 3261), H.248
  • G.711 encoding with G.168 echo cancellation
  • G.726
  • G.729 with fallback to G.711 for fax
  • 2 Interface Groups per card
  • GR-303 / V5.2
  • Full GR-303 EOC and TMC implementation
  • Integrated Specials: Ground Start, Dial Pulse, Metering, PLAR

Protocol Support

  • RIP v1 (RFC 1058)/RIP v2 (RFC 2453)
  • DHCP Server (RFC 2131, 2132)
  • DHCP Relay
  • Bridging 802.1D
  • VLAN 802.1Q with 802.1p Priorities
  • Multicast IGMP v1/v2
  • IEEE 802.17 RPR



  • ZMS (Zhone Management System) via SNMP v2c for GUI and CORBA IDL machine interface
  • Terminal for Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Built-in GUI-based Management

Management Interfaces

  • In-band IP over AAL5
  • Out-band IP over 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet or V.24 serial for async terminal
  • Up to 12 external alarm closures

Regulatory Compliance

  • NEBS compliant
  • RUS listed
  • Safety: UL 60950 3rd edition, CSA 950 3rd edition, EN 60950, AS / NZS 3260, TS 001
  • Emissions: EN 55022A, CFR47 PART 15A (FCC)
  • Immunity: NEBS GR-1089-Core level 3, EN 55024, EN 55082-1, T1.601-1992
  • Environmental: NEBS GR-63-Core level 3, GR-487 compliant, ETS 300 019-2-x compliant, ISTA transportation and handling
  • Network Certification: FCC Part 68, CTR-12, CTR-13, DOC CS-03, TSO 16, GR-57
  • Telcordia OSMINE certification

Operating Requirements

  • Ambient operating temperature: -40ºC to +65ºC
  • Relative operating humidity: up to 85% (non-condensing)
  • GR-487 compliant
  • Designed for outside plant deployment

Uplinks & Line Cards


  • GE/FE/RPR w/ Optional TDM

Copper based Line Cards:

  • ADSL2+/POTS Combo
  • POTS
  • P-Phone
  • Metallic Test Access/Ringer
  • Integrated Metallic Test Access
  • Voice Gateway
  • ADSL2+
  • ReachDSL
  • SHDSL Cell-based
  • T1/E1 EFM/PKT
  • T1/E1 ATM/IMA
  • T1/E1 Circuit Emulation over IP/ATM
  • DS3/E3 Subtending
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