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DZS EtherXtend SHDSL Ethernet Access Devicezhone etherxtend 2122

EtherXtend SHDSL Ethernet Access Device supports loop bonding up to 11.4 Mbps



DZS's EtherXtend 2100 SHDSL Series of Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) allows Carriers, CLECs, ISPs and PTTs to deliver Ethernet services to their customers simply, quickly and cost-effectively over existing copper plant. Intended for deployment at end-users' locations, these devices allow delivery of Ethernet services using the latest in SHDSL.bis transport protocols.

The EtherXtend 2100 Series of EADs represent the next generation of simple, configuration-free, plug & play Ethernet over Copper Network Extenders available from DZS. By employing DZS's pre-standards based, Net-to-Net (N2N) bonding protocols, these units continue to build on the simplicity and popularity of DZS’s SHDSL Network Extenders (SNE) family of products, while extending the data rates available to a full 5.7Mbps per pair, in compliance with the ITU-T G.991.2 SHDSL.bis standards.

The EtherXtend 2100 Series of EADs are available in 1-port and 2-port configurations. The 2-port unit supports loop bonding, and enables transmission rates of up to 11.4 Mbps over two copper pairs. As with all of DZS's EtherXtend EAD product family, the ETHX-21xx-SHDSL products share some common attributes - enhanced performance in a streamlined, low-cost architecture, designed for ease-of-use, rapid deployments, and low-density applications.

The EtherXtend 2100 SHDSL products can interoperate with each other in a point-to-point (i.e. book-ended) configuration. Where several of these devices must home on a common central office (CO) location, CO aggregation can be achieved using the ESIM5700-48 line card of DZS's IP-DSLAM (IPD) platform. Alternatively, service providers can use DZS's Single Line Multi-Service (SLMS) family of products (e.g. MALC or ETHX-3300/3400 Series EADs) as aggregation devices for the ETHX-21xx EADs.

What differentiates DZS's EtherXtend 21xx EADs from competing vendors' offerings is the simplicity and efficiency with which Ethernet services can be deployed over bonded loops with a minimum of fuss and/or operational complexity - only made possible by the automatic, configuration-free, "plug & play" operation of DZS's EtherXtend SHDSL product line. While most customers value the simplicity of a configuration-free device, the EtherXtend 2100 Series EADs have been recently upgraded to allow IP based management schemes, with the addition of an integrated DHCP client and enhanced OAM functionality (via WEB GUI, SNMP, and CLI interfaces).




  • Available in 1-port or 2-port SHDSL.bis configurations, supporting  up to 5.7 Mbps on a single copper pair; up to 11.4 Mbps on a pair of  bonded loops
  • Automatic load balancing on bonded ports for optimum throughput and redundancy (on 2-port model only)
  • Automatic failure recovery allows dropped lines to retrain and then re-enter a bonded group automatically
  • Can operate in back-to-back configurations and is also  compatible with DZS's CO Aggregation products (e.g. MALC, IPD, and  EtherXtend 3300/3400 Series EADs)
  • Configuration Free/Plug & Play Default Factory Settings
  • Enhanced Web, SNMP, and CLI management functionality
  • Full MTM functionality, including 802.1p priority and 802.1Q VLAN traffic management



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