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DZS EtherXtend Ethernet Access Devices and Ethernet Network Extenderszhone etherxtend

DZS's EtherXtend Products offer a variety of robust, carrier class Ethernet Access Devices (EADs), including 802.3ah-compliant Ethernet over bonded SHDSL (2Base-TL), as well as Ethernet over bonded T1/E1 or DS3. Support for relevant IEEE, ITU, and IETF standards offers a line of Ethernet Access devices suitable for deployment by any RBOC, PTT, IOC, or ISP looking to extend Ethernet services to their customers.

For example, Ethernet over SHDSL offers the high-bandwidth symmetrical Ethernet services that are demanded by businesses and enterprises. Ethernet over T1, E1, and DS3 provide the ubiquity required when interconnecting geographically disperse customers, building municipal E-LANs, or providing cellular data backhaul services.

EtherXtend access devices can be used back-to-back for single-line deployments, in multi-point applications where one EtherXtend acts as a mini-aggregation point, or as powerful CPE for use with either DZS's MALC multi-service loop carrier, or DZS's IPD12000 IP DSLAM. EtherXtend access devices are also interoperable with pre-standard Ethernet access devices, such as DZS's full line of Network Extender products.


EtherXtend is built for simple operation and easy deployments, yet provides robust and powerful features for maximum flexibility. In addition, DZS's EtherXtend product portfolio is the largest in the industry, offering specific feature and interface combinations to suit individual customer requirements. Low-cost, plug-and-play bridges for mass deployments? Routing for businesses looking for a secure Ethernet demarcation? Service-level intelligence for carrier and wholesale SLA enforcement? One port? Eight ports? 2Base-TL, T1, or DS3? Integrated support for VoIP and even TDM transport? EtherXtend offers the flexibility to chose what type of service is right for you. And because EtherXtend is backwards-compatible with IPD12000 and Network Extender products, there are even more options for deployment.

TDM Transport / PseudoWire Emulation

The ultimate flexibility in Ethernet Access comes with the addition of PseudoWire Edge to Edge Emulation (PWE3). Using PWE3 and optional T1/E1 or V.35 interfaces, EtherXtend is able to carry legacy circuit traffic across the newly created Ethernet infrastructure. Now TDM connectivity, PBX interconnection, and other legacy applications are supported directly over Ethernet. Voice, video and data -- over IP or TDM -- all using a single Ethernet Access platform.


EtherXtend is built using standard technologies, including 2base-TL for SHDSL applications, and HDLC for T1/E1 and DS3/E3 applications, for maximum interoperability. Perhaps more importantly, EtherXtend also provides cross-talk cancellation features and noise reduction mechanisms to ensure that Ethernet lines -- over T1/E1 or SHDSL -- behave well in terms of spectral compatibility and binder interference. EtherXtend 2Base-TL is proven compatible to T1.417, and both 2Base-TL and T1/E1 solutions have been widely deployed across the US and the world, including all major US RBOC territories and many international PTTs.

SLA Enforcement

EtherXtend is the only EAD able to measure and report actual quality and usage statistics, per service, in order to monitor and enforce carrier Service Level Agreements. Built upon DZS's patented iMarc technology and enhanced for use in an Ethernet access environment, EtherXtend's Ethernet Service Level Management (eSLM) is able to measure how Voice over IP traffic is being affected across the network: end-to-end, even with non-DZS devices in between.


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