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DZS EtherXtend Dual Port E1 Network Extenderzhone etherxtend ene2020

High-Speed Ethernet Based Dual E1 Network Extender/CPE

ENE2020-S, ENE2020-P, ENE2020-KIT-1


Ethernet over bonded E1 is ideal for delivering highly reliable, resilient access at rates up to 4Mbps. With the ENE2020, bonded groups are automatically created, removed and repaired, providing both ease of use as well as maximum uptime.

DZS's E1 ENE2020 can be used in a point to point configuration with other E1 Network Extender Provider Units as well as EtherXtend Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) CPE, or it can be used to terminate E1 lines from both DZS's MALC Multiservice Access Loop Carrier and the IPD12000 Ethernet DSLAM.

The ENE2020 provides a simple and easy way to extend Ethernet over bonded E1 circuits for high speed access services at distances beyond the reach of xDSL circuits.

The ENE2020 is designed for ease-of-use; configuration requirements are removed completely, allowing this device to be installed into the customer premise quickly and cost-effectively. The ENE2020 is based on Ethernet transport technology over standard E1 lines, providing a 100% Ethernet-based access technology for optimum usability, throughput and reliability.




  • Provides plug 'n' play operation, including automatic loop bonding lines with NO configuration requirements
  • Supports selectable E1 data rates up to 2.048Mbps per E1 line (symmetrical), for a total of up to 4Mbps using a 2-port bonded group
  • Connects directly to any 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port on a PC or LAN
  • Loop Bonded links have automatic failover and recovery for increased network resilience
  • Can be used with the DZS MALC, EtherXtend, or 12000/4000 IP DSLAM products, as well as other E1 Network Extenders in point-to-point configurations


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